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New Hand Sanitiser Technology that lasts up to 8hrs

A new hand sanitiser is now available that can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Using the presence of colloidal silver ions the hand sanitiser can last up to 8 hrs on the surface of the skin, even after washing your hands.

Regular hand sanitisers will only kill germs on contact but once the sanitiser has evaporated, the new product will work in a different manner to protect the user, when the user has placed the sanitiser on the skin the alcohol content will kill the germs, then a conditioner is absorbed to keep the skin soft and hydrated. Then the colloidal silver ions start to work to protect the skin through the day.

The new sanitiser will come in 30ml & 250ml bottles and will last up to 14 days on average. The sanitiser also conforms to BSEN1276

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