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What's the difference between Antimicrobial products on the market?

There are a number of Antimicrobial products on the market but what is the difference? 

The difference is based on several things for example

  • How the antimicrobial surface works
  • What efficacy does it have
  • Does it work in the environment that it is placed

Lets take a look at some of the options available,

Silver ION

Silver IONS work by interfering with enzymes in the bacteria, they also bond with the bacteria's genetic material. Silver IONs work very well against bacteria but require moisture in the air to release the IONS. Efficacy ranges from 99.87% to 99.96%.

Advantage - Works well in food environments and wash down areas.

Disadvantage - Will not work unless it has moisture on the surface. 


Copper is similar to Silver and has been used for generations as a natural antimicrobial material. Efficacy ranges from 99.90% to 99.96%

Does this mean that if i have a copper door handle i have protection?

No, a few years ago research was carried out on Copper containing metals like brass, according to the University of Leicester human sweat can form a corrosive layer on the surface. This can block the exchange of charged particles that kill the bacteria.

Advantage - Works well with bacteria.

Disadvantage - Tests have shown inactivation is dependent on humidity and temperature.

Nano Coatings

Most Nano coatings can be applied for a longer period of time and they use quaternary silicone compounds and contain biocides. The efficacy of Nano coatings ranges from 99.90% to 99.96%.

Advantage - Can be applied and will last for up to 3 months

Disadvantage - Contains Biocides, needs more abrasion and material tests.

UV activated Ti02 Nano Crystals

Research has been carried out over the last 20 years that supports the proven science of Ti02. The oxidizing power created by Titanium dioxide initiated photocatalysis is actually more than twice as powerful as bleach in the right conditions.

Ti02 uses the power of light to activate the surface, does this mean without light it does not work?

No, in fact new formulas have been created to work in environments that have no day light, showing a 97% reduction of viral particles in less than 30 mins.

In recent tests Ti02 Nano Crystals showed a 5-log reduction meaning that it inactivates 99.99% of microbes on the surface within 5 minutes.

Not only does Ti02 Nano Crystals have antimicrobial properties but it also breaks down VOCs, NOx and other airborne pollutants, Improving air quality and reducing odours. 

Advantage - Uses the power of light, has shown to reduce viral particles in a shorter time than other methods.

Disadvantage - None

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