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How Self cleaning touch points can help stop the spread of viruses?

Viruses self replicate, this means an infection can start from a small number of particles which is called the 'dose'. Each virus takes a minimum infection 'dose' in order to infect a person, the dose varies depending on the type of virus, in research carried out so far on COVID 19 the dose is thought to be a low amount of particles. This is the reason that COVID 19 can spread so quickly, when a dose reaches the respiratory system one or more cells can become infected and the virus multiplies.
Self cleaning Touch Points are coated in an antimicrobial solution that works to reduce the 'dose' infection from the second particles land on the surface, they then continue to destroy the particles 'dose' day after day.

Understanding how coronavirus lives on surfaces is important to stop the transmission, a study in the  New England Journal of Medicine suggested that it can live on surfaces for up to 3 days on plastics and stainless steel. This means its possible that touching a surface with COVID-19 on it and then touching your nose, mouth or eyes will spread the virus.

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