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Self Sanitising Touch Points Latest News

Nanoselfclean is currently working on a new coating that is being tested on our touch points. The new Self Sanitising Nanocoating is a water borne coating that has been proven and test verified effectiveness on July 2020 against human coronavirus (299E). The product contains combinations of nanoparticles and cationic disinfectant, which will be affective against Enveloped RNA Virus and bacterial DNA.

  1. Water Borne
  2. Does not contain biocides
  3. 99% efficacy under ISO 18184
  4. Will provide 99.9% protection for up to 90 days 
  5. Contains no cyotoxicity
  6. Self- Sanitise requires no disinfection
  7. Conforms to worldwide standards JISL1902, AATCC100.ULTRAPEL MICROB
  8. Tested and certified to ISO 18184
Tests are ongoing but should be completed by September, our products will be continually updated as new viruses and bacteria are tested.

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