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frequently asked questions - aNTIMICROBIAL overview

What is an Antimicrobial Coating and how does it work?
Viruses self replicate, this means an infection can start from a small number of particles which is called the 'dose'. Each virus takes a minimum infection 'dose' in order to infect a person, the dose varies depending on the type of virus, in research carried out so far on COVID 19 the dose is thought to be a low amount of particles. This is the reason that COVID 19 can spread so quickly, when a dose reaches the respiratory system one or more cells can become infected and the virus multiplys. 
Antimicrobial coated products reduces the 'dose' infection from the second particles land on the surface, this is very important when you are unable to continually clean the surfaces.
What will the antimicrobial coating protect me from?
The coating protects surfaces from viruses and Bacteria plus mold, algaes and odor. It will also protect surfaces from micro-scratches.
Do Antimicrobial surfaces get dirty?
Yes the surfaces can get dirty but they can be cleaned off, the coating does not stop surfaces getting dirty, it kills all the microbes on a surface preventing transmission. Although our Ti02 surface is self cleaning so it will help to keep dirt from the surface.
Are the products approved?
Each antimicrobial product on our site has been tested by independent labs, many of them have been researched over a number of years. We have purposely made sure that none of our coatings contain  biocides and contain affective nano materials with no cytotoxicity.
Has it been tested?
Yes there are tests on all the antimicrobial products, these are ISO 21702, JIS Z 2801, ISO 22196, ASTM E1053 please contact us to see the tests. The products we sell has also been tested for Human Coronavirus 229 E and most recently it has been tested for SARS-CoV-2. 
How long will antimicrobial products work for?
Antimicrobial products will last for different times depending on the method used, to find out more please either read the product information or contact us.
Is this product safe for environment?
Yes this product is safe because once it is cured it does not leak any chemicals into the environment, It also means that you are not having to disinfect surfaces using harsh chemicals.
Do you have safety details and Specifications?
Yes we have safety details and specifications for our products, please contact us for this information.

frequently asked questions - self cLEANING LUMATOUCH points

What do Lumatouch Points do?
Lumatouch Points are for placing on points that will be touched by people, for example door handles, push buttons, push doors, press buttons. These areas are often not cleaned through out the day meaning that germs can transmit from person to person. The Lumatouch Points work in the presence of light which activates the self cleaning process, this works to continuously remove contaminants from the surface. Ti02 Nano Crystals has shown a five log reduction in Viruses & Bacteria up to 99.9%, research shows this it one of the best methods to destroy Bacteria & Viruses.
How does it work?
Using a mineral called Titanium dioxide which is charged by light, the nano crystals create a reaction that oxidases the surface breaking down organic material at a molecular level, in fact the oxidation reaction is up to 2 times the power of bleach .
How long will touch surfaces last for?
The coating on our signs will last between 90 -180 days, it is made to last longer but all depends on the traffic using the touch surface. We suggest to change every 90 days to make sure it is still affective, although on low traffic areas they can stay on longer.
Will the sign stick to anything?
The sign will stick to most items, we suggest that the surface is totally flat.
Will the coating on the touch points rub off?
The coating will not come off unless the sign is rubbed or scrapped.
Are the signs recyclable?
Yes they can.
Has it been tested?
Yes the coating as above has been tested under ISO 21702 (Against HCOV-299E), ASTM E1053 (Against SARS-COV-2) plus also has other ISO tests for self cleaning, previous tests are affective against the following Escherichia coli,• Salmonella (Salmonelle enterica),• Listeria (Listeria monocytogenes),• Golden staph (Staphylococcus aureus),• Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA),• Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 
How long is your lead time?
This is all dependent on the amount on the order, for large orders over 100 we require at least 7 days. This is because our products are manufactured to order. Although we do carry stock, please check our front page for updates on times.
Is this safe to touch the surfaces and can i clean them?
Yes we use a coating ( which is done in the manufacturing process) the touch points are completely safe to touch. In fact Titanium dioxide is used in your toothpaste.
Has this been tested against COVID 19?
Our coating has been tested against Sars-Cov-2 we have also had it tested against Human Coronavirus 299e, we do have other tests ongoing.

frequently asked questions - COPPER FILM & SILVER ION FILM

What is Silver ION Film?
Silver has been used for many years and creates an effect that are toxic for the bacteria. The film we have uses Silver Ions in the surface.
What is Copper Film?
Copper has antimicrobial properties and has been used for hundreds of years. The film we sell has been coated with Copper, Copper works by disrupting the cells membranes.
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