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New Self Cleaning Antimicrobial Door Handle Wrap 10.16 X 15.24 - Single - Nanoselfclean™

New Self Cleaning Antimicrobial Door Handle Wrap 10.16 X 15.24 - Single

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New Generation technology meet the UK's first Self cleaning Lumatouch points. Using an advanced patented formulation of Ti02 Nano-Crystals, the Self Adhesive touch pads use the natural power of light to oxidize Bacteria & Viruses on the surface. The door handle wrap is perfect for doors that need to be pulled, especially in surgeries, offices and nurseries, so that people do not transmit germs and bacteria from touching normal surfaces. The self cleaning coating will last up to 3 months on high traffic areas and 6 months on low traffic areas and will Inhibit the development of germs and reduce viral loads continuously. We suggest these are changed every 3-6 months depending on usage. For more information please read Installation & Care below.

  • Easy to Peel
  • Will not leave Adhesive on the surface after removal
  • Can be used indoors or outside

We can also provide a light sensitive version for rooms that have no windows and only room lights, please contact us for more information on this.

Comes in a 20 pack and ideal for smaller door handles

Update: New tests now show a 99% reduction of viral particles in under 30 minutes of contact in a room without daylight.

Test Certificates against Viruses & Bacteria including Sars Cov under the following ISO

Virus & Bacteria Tests

ISO 21702 - EN14476 tested and approved

ASTM E1053

Photocatalytic Tests


Safe to touch and fully tested, to view data sheet & test certificate please see below.




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